Our Projects

Micelio Discovery Studio is a collaborative workspace that allows the creation of new electric vehicles by collaborating with other EV manufacturers. Through open source, one can aim to innovate faster, to promote faster, to gather new ideas, to make EVs more interoperable, and to collect diverse opinions and perspectives in developing an EV. In the EV space, plenty of startups are developing battery packs, motors, battery management systems, etc., which contribute to the revolution in their own way. The right mix of manpower, finances and technology might be out of reach for some entities. As a result, our community projects promote the EV Network and assist companies in realizing their goals at a low cost.

Joint Testing Exercise

Micelio Discovery Studio conducts collaborative test exercises. The goal of this exercise is to test different telematics devices from multiple vendors and use detailed test reports to create a proof of concept. This report  can be shared by EV companies in the ecosystem that need smart vehicle solutions. Being a collaborative project, testing costs are borne by the participating companies and can speed up device development  according to  market needs.

Joint Commercial Project

Micelio Discovery Studio has organized joint commercial projects to bring together a variety of start-ups to create demand for EV products. In this way, we help start-ups build their customer-specific product supply chains  in an economically wise way. We serve as a medium  to help startups collect and reduce their cash burden. Co-commercial projects are somehow involved in product standardization and help maintain product sustainability.

Open Source Project

Micelio Discovery Studio works as a non-profit organization for the development of the EV industry. The motivation for Micelio Discovery Studio’s open source project is to work with a variety of start-ups to develop products for the EV industry that can serve as industry benchmarks. Our OSP enables startups by helping them connect with each other and with larger peers. 

Open source projects have proven to be more profitable by bringing diverse startups together  under one hood, innovating and building products in a stronger ecosystem. In our collaboration space, startups can  invest in areas they are familiar with while gaining knowledge in  areas where they lack expertise.

EV Talent Group

The EV Talent Group is a community group  of training institutions, talent acquisition groups (HRs) for major EV companies, and training staff at major engineering schools. They  offer a wealth of opportunities to bridge the gap between academia and the EV industry.

Micelio Community

In order to provide more democratic framework to ensure transparency , inclusivity , neutrality in membership community at Micelio Discovery Studio, Micelio leadership has commissioned Micelio Community Council as member representative group to help Micelio Discovery Studio to frame policies, plan budget, expand our community, develop community business models and direct future course of community.

CXO Group

CXO group is a highly active platform for connecting directly  with other members / non-members / specially invited leaders, exploring synergies, building thought leadership, and learning about key Exchange issues. EV industry.