Frequently asked questions

How can Micelio Discovery Studio support me?

Micelio Discovery Studio can help you with testing, business development, sourcing/supply chain, hiring, and various other problem statements that the EV community might be stuck with.

Is there a limit to how many problem statements you can help us with?

No, there are absolutely no limitations to the no.of problem statements you can give us. We as a team give our best efforts to help our members to our best ability.

What kind of members do you have?

We are not limited to any form factor/type of company as long as they are in the clean mobility space. This includes, but is not limited to vehicle and component OEMs, fleets, individuals, EV educational institutes or training academies. We are also open to companies at all different stages of their development.

Can we also have access to the test equipment and softwares once we become an annual membership fee?

Yes, you will have access to the use of the equipment and softwares, but with an additional purchase of token bundles.

How big is your EV community?

We are developing and  managing a database of 3500+ community members.

Will I have to pay for attending monthly events happening in Micelio Discovery Studio?

No, the entry will be free for all. However, the members have a few additional benefits like getting the opportunity to have one on one meetings with the attendees for exploring synergies.

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