How One Man’s Startup Is Investing Rs 150 Crore to Boost India’s EV Infrastructure

Jul 4, 2022 | Media

Bengaluru-based Shreyas Shibulal founded Micelio Mobility in 2019, which enables innovation in clean energy and a thriving environment-friendly mobility ecosystem

Electric mobility is in full gear as India’s electric vehicle (EV) market is pacing to grow at an annual rate of 90 per cent targeting to touch 150 billion dollars by 2030. The estimates made by Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) look promising as more startups and giants such as Maruti, Tata, and others are heavily investing in the sector, thereby contributing to its boost.

Though such growth has become evident in the past couple of years, Shreyas Shibulal, son of Infosys co-founder SD Shibulal, seems to have anticipated the potential in the EV sector long ago.

Thanks to his experience at Tesla in the USA, he could gauge the potential of the Indian EV market and contribute his bit by helping the industry flourish with the support of investors. Today, his company has raised a corpus fund of Rs 150 crores that supports the growth of the EV market


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